Our vision at Revolution Youth Ministries (RYM) is to create a Christian community that is compelling for new generations of youth. We believe in students of today and we believe that God is calling them right now to be leaders, influencers, and participants in the full life He has for them.  We believe our youth need our church now more than ever.  While our mission and vision remain constant, we have to change the way we do it right now during the Covid-19 pandemic.  We need to figure out new ways to be the church together.  Please make sure that you do not have a fever over 100 degrees or any other Covid-19 symptoms before you participate in youth activities. Also, wear a mask to all youth related programs and events.

Victoria Low, Youth Director

We seek to provide an environment of acceptance, support, and guidance for youth to know they are loved and have purpose. Our goal is to support youth as they discover God’s calling for them as they move into young adulthood. We believe in the importance of being an authentic, encouraging community of volunteers and students, demonstrating and striving to live a Godly life in the world.

Join us and experience God’s transforming power through worship, small groups, games, activities, confirmation, retreats, service opportunities, and more!

Here’s the deal. We are not perfect. We are a body of teenagers (and some adult leaders) who want to make a difference in our world. We really think that the Bible is important and studying it should be as well. We like to have fun. We also think that serving those around us (missions) are important to who we are as well.

Sunday Morning Bible Study: 10:15-11:00 am

Breakfast & Bible Study

The Bible is filled with miracles and inspiration, but also wrestles with stories of pain and loss. This year, the youth will be diving deep into the story of God that we find in the Bible.

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