KEEP CALM! I’ve moved offices.

KEEP CALM! I’ve moved offices.

Greetings Grace Family,

I hope this Wesley Nurse News update finds you healthy and well. By the time you receive this letter, I will have returned to onsite services here at Grace as of the last week of October and in a new office location. I will now be located in Oak Park Center rm 114. Please stop by to say hello! I am glad to be back and looking forward to continuing in my Faith Community Nursing (FCN) {Wesley Nurse} role by reaching out to clients and community partners and facilitating access to care and resources. Most of my work will continue via telephone, Ring Central Zooms, drive by porch deliveries, and one on one visits with appropriate safety protocols in place. I am appreciative of my new space in Oak Park Center, as it will allow my services to continue safely. Now that I have returned, some of the safety measures I am required by Methodist Healthcare Ministries (MHM – my employer) to implement, are daily self-screening before I leave my home to come to Grace, telephone pre-screening of all scheduled clients before they come to see me, and screening walk ins to see if an in-person visit can safely occur or if they would need to return at a later time. I will also not be performing temperature checks or other vital signs, unless a person is symptomatic, due to 6ft physical distancing requirements. Group gatherings led by me (as for all Wesley Nurses) for the most part, are on hold for now and can only be held virtually.

Flu Shots: At this time, I don’t have plans for a flu clinic like I did last year, but I do know of some resources for those who are under insured or uninsured, so please reach out to me if you need assistance or know someone who does.

Maintain No Gain: Holiday Weight Maintenance Program- A fun way to stay accountable during the Holidays to not gain more than 2lbs from Thanksgiving to New Years Day. This is currently still in the planning stages as I am working with our local A&M AgriLife agent, Norma Munoz. If you have interest in participating, please let me know as soon as possible. It will be an individual appointment type of visit. Tentative date for 1st weigh in would be Monday November 23. Call me for more information.



Laura Rivas MSN, RN Wesley Nurse


Work Mobile #: 361-288-1153

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