Wesley Counselor

Erica T. Garcia, PhD, LPC is a Behavioral Health Counselor with Methodist Healthcare Ministries of South Texas. Erica has a background in counseling individuals, couples, and families, and is ready to work with you through the tough things in life like difficult family dynamics, marital issues, anxiety, anger, depression, bereavement, or mental illness.

Erica will provide services for our region in the Parlor (Room 120) on Wednesdays by appointment. Call 361-658-9708 to schedule an appointment. The first appointment is free, and payment for subsequent appointments is based on a sliding scale.

Wesley Nurse

Laura Rivas MSN, RN, is a registered nurse with Methodist Healthcare Ministries of South Texas. Laura provides programs and services such as Health Education, Individualized Diabetes Education, Diabetic Supplies, Referral Assistance, Facilitation of Resources, and Exercise Classes.

Laura will provide services in Oak Park Center rm 114 Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Call 361-933-0109 to schedule an appointment.

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