As I write this, I’m wondering what’s going to happen. And if I must confess, I’m also a bit worried about what’s going to happen. That feeling of wondering (and worrying) has several different dimensions. One that we’re all aware of is, what’s going to happen in the election, particularly the presidential election. I think it’s clear that many people across the nation are not very happy about our choices. And for others, Republican, Democrat or Independent, few are very enthusiastic about the candidate they intend to support. Although negativity emerges in every election (no matter how much the candidates claim they only want to talk about issues and not the other candidate), this one seems to be particularly so. For many who do support a candidate, most of the reason given is how terrible the other one is. I think it’s fair to say that there is a good deal of worry about what’s going to happen, no matter which side one is on.
Another thing that many of us wonder (and perhaps worry) about is what’s going to happen with the economy, particularly locally, with the price of oil. The depressed oil prices have already affected many of us and we wonder (or worry) about what’s going to happen.
I’m also wondering how the results of our Generosity Matters campaign will turn out. November 6 is the day we’re all invited to make our commitments and turn in our estimates of giving. The group that’s charged with planning the ministries budget of the church is the Finance Committee, and that group is corporately wondering how the campaign is going to turn out: Will we be able to grow our ministries? Will we have to cut back our ministries?
I’m certainly prone to wonder (and even at times, worry) about these things. But then what I look to in terms of hopefulness and security aren’t presidents, national or global economies, or church budgets. No matter who is president, Jesus is still king. No matter what happens with the economy, I’m still blessed and able to trust God for provision. And no matter what happens with a particular stewardship campaign, the ministry of God’s church will continue. The question is, how am I going to respond to my circumstances? With faith and trust and generosity? Or with worry, insecurity, and hoarding?
My prayer for myself as well as all of us is that we will trust in God whose love and faithfulness never waver, even in the midst of uncertainty. I hope to see you in worship as we gather to journey together as a people of God.
Walking in Grace,

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