About Us

Grace at the Crossroads

The blue “crossroads cross” that serves as our logo signifies the connection between two roads – the road of life and the road of faith. As we journey together, we meet at the crossroads to make connections with God, with one another, and with the world around us. Here you can expect to connect with people of all ages, backgrounds, and occupations, all sharing a common bond and purpose.

Core Values

At Grace, our faith is at the intersection of all we do. Our faith inspires us to hold fast to five Core Values that inform how we live out the call to make new disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

Heartfelt Prayer

We value prayer because it connects us to God.

He is our source of power healing, and guidance.  In all things, we pray to praise and thank God and to ask for guidance about what to do, direction about how to do it, and energy to accomplish it. 

Passionate Faith

We value faith that is passionate and enthusiastic.

For us, faith is more than just believing things about God; it is loving God wholeheartedly.  This relationship with God is something we feel intensely – whether in quiet reverence or with exuberance.  This passionate feeling for God motivates us to excellence – to giving our best to God and doing our best for God. 


Grace-filled Love

We value loving others because God so graciously loves us. 

In all that we do as a church we try to love others in the same way as we have experienced God loving us – with unconditional love that accepts people just as they are, respects each person as a child of God, and shows hospitality to all, especially the least, the last and the lost.  

Spiritual Formation

We value growing as disciples of Jesus Christ

We help each other, young and old, grow spiritually by developing habits of prayer and personal worship, deepening our understanding of God’s Word, supporting each other, and holding one another accountable through fellowship.


Compassionate Service

We value putting our faith into action by serving others.

We strive to serve the spiritual, emotional, physical, social, and economic needs of those within our church family, our community, and our world.  We seek to place ourselves in their shoes and to serve them as though we were serving Christ because we are!

Our Statement of Faith


We believe grace is at the heart of the Christian faith.  Grace is God’s unconditional love for us, freely given to all.  It does not have to be earned and cannot be forfeited by anything we do.

We believe Jesus is the expression of God’s unconditional love for us.  As Savior, he sets us free from guilt and the failures of our past.  As Lord, he is the example of how we are to live.

We believe God is always with us.  He provides us comfort, strength, and guidance for the task of living and hope for the future.  God’s presence with us is the Holy Spirit.

We believe Jesus saves us from the hopelessness of death.  He creates in us new life; not just an extension of life beyond death but a transformed quality of living that begins now.

We believe the church is the community of faith where we connect with God and one another.  In this community, we put into action – supporting and caring for one another and our neighbors, growing in our personal relationship with Jesus Christ and leading others to become disciples.

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